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📝 Biz Planners
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Business planners, assemble! This group is for you. For asking questions, receiving feedback, and compiling inspiration to create impactful business plans that will knock your investor's socks off. Share your troubles, ask your questions, and support your fellow entrepreneurs in the grandiose task of finishing a business plan.


  1. 📝 Business plan related questions only
  2. ✌️Be nice and respect the opinions of other members of the group.
  3. 🤮No shameless self-promotion. Use 🎤Pitch Area to tell others about your amazing startup.
  4. 🤬No (excessive) use of profanity.
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Matz N
CEO & Founder
João Sousa
Founder @ Bxl
Regina Holden
Karen Røigaard
Startup Success Manager
Christian Nicolai Thiesen
Chief Executive Officer