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For all Cuttles users - and friends -, we welcome you here. Stay in touch with Cuttles updates, ask questions, provide feedback, and report bugs on the Startup Builder. We're happy to hear from you in any matter related to our Startup Builder and Startup Academy.



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Feature Request: Your startups: + Duplicate a startup
The ability to create a new startup by duplicating an existing startup.
I need help, i think there is a bug in the budgets section, it is showing a total expenses and monthly burn rate above the correct values, if you do the sum yourself, it will be different. You can see here the total up there is different from the pizza.
bro_H_as liked 6 months ago
Pepe bites
your delivery platform
Hi frens, pls add a shared notes function!
Chris commented 6 months ago
Hello fellow Cuttlers,
I am trying to share my plan but when I click on the link generated I can only see halve of it (up to Marketing).
Any ideas what's the issue?
Many thanks,