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Networking is key! The ecosystem of entrepreneurship is a small world. Introduce yourself, create valuable partnerships, and meet the right people to take you and your startup further. This group is a social one, so start by giving yourself an introductory shoutout. 🎤


  1. 🥂Introduce yourself - and be social. 
  2. ✌️Be nice and respect the opinions of other members of the group.
  3. ⛑ Support each other. 
  4. 🤬No (excessive) use of profanity.
Regina commented a month ago
Hi! I am Nelson, working as Business Mentor, helping entrepreneurs and startups to develop, validate and launch their business.

It's my pleasure to be here.
Nelson commented a month ago
Nice to meet you. I'm Matz. Founder in Dutchland, working on a medical project. Could use advise in regards to strategy, marketing and business planning
Regina liked a month ago
Hi! Nice to be part of this.
I'm Bror. Norwegian founder of a music platform connecting musicians and private events.
John liked 2 months ago

6 Main Reasons Startup Fail 🤯

Dear dreamers & founders,

We probably all heard the fact that only 10% of startups make it and become a long-term success. There can be many reasons why 90% of us don't make it, but a former McKinsey and Harward Business School professor, Tom Eisenmann, identified 6 main reasons for entrepreneurial failure.

I thought I would share these 6 primary patterns of failure and hopeful it can help us understand what signs to look for before failure happens.

1. False Start (Occurs Early-Stage)

You could have a great team (good talents, investors, founders), but they start building too quickly and... (More)