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Hunting for funding, hitting the launch deadlines, and the responsibility of others depending on you, leaves all founders exhausted and overwhelmed. Even more, the feelings of isolation and the cultural acceptance and normalization of 80+ hour weeks can lead to stress and in worst-cases burning out. Founders Anonymous is a space for founders to share their everyday anxieties, frustrations, and problems and together support and try and come up with great solutions or habits to lead a more balanced and mentally healthy lifestyle as entrepreneurs. 


  1. 👋Introduce yourself in all posts with the following: "My name is [your first name]. And I'm a Founder/Co-Founder".
  2. 🥃Share your burnout stories, anxieties, fears, and stress that you go through every day.
  3. 🤲Share useful tips & tricks to leading a healthier lifestyle as an entrepreneur.
  4. ✊Respect all members and be nice.
  5. 🙈Feel free to share your posts anonymous
  6. 🤬No excessive use of profanity
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