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Get your inspiration on and dive into discussions of intriguing tools & resources for entrepreneurs. Let's fill up everyone's motivational water bottle and steal from the best and brightest minds of the startup world and share it here.


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Matz liked 6 days ago
Hi, /Founders Toolbox

Finding- and hiring talent for your startup is a difficult process. Hiring the wrong person can be detrimental to startup success and finding the right candidate is something you should take very seriously. Here is a guide that can help you find great talent! 👋
Karen commented 11 days ago
Hi! does anyone have a tool for making a mock-up they can recommend? Preferably something made to create design for apps
Regina commented 18 days ago
Hi, /Founders Toolbox.

If you want to raise funds, you'll need to make a pitch – and it needs to be pitch-perfect. Learn everything about the discipline and get a guide to creating a Pitch Deck.

Good luck, dreamers!
Jacques commented a month ago
Hi /Founders Toolboox.

As you probably know, starting a startup business can be a tricky endeavor. There are so many things to keep track of.... 🤷🏼

To help you do so: Here is a complete guide- and a list of anything you'll need when establishing a startup business.

I'll hope it can be helpful! Good luck with your startup journey! 🚀