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Rule #1: Dumb questions do not exist in Startup 101. This group is for sharing knowledge, asking silly questions, and learning how to be a world-class entrepreneur by supporting each other. 


  1. 🤲Dumb questions do not exist in Startup 101. 
  2. ✌️Be nice and respect the opinions of other members of the group.
  3. 🤮No shameless self-promotion. Use 🎤Pitch Area to tell others about your amazing startup.
  4. 🤬No (excessive) use of profanity.
Jacob liked a year ago
What is 'Runway' to a startup? 🧐 Imagine your startup is a plane on a runway. Each round of funding you raise extends the runway to give you more time to take off 🛫 If you're about to hit the end of your current runway and haven't taken off yet, you need to raise another round to extend the runway. Or else.... Your startup will crash and burn. One of the biggest reasons why startups fail is simply because they run out of money. The finest job a CEO has in every startup company is to make sure that t... (More)
Eric liked 10 months ago
Remember that a product is not just a product! A product is not just the thing you're selling, but just as much the solution or experience surrounding it. Let's say you're selling a car. That's a product. A car with a warranty is also a product. A car with a warranty and a cool design is a product too. Do you get the point? The product you're selling is not just about the product itself but also its value creators. This is a crucial perspective for your product branding: You'll need to communicate how your products bring value to your... (More)
stella replied 3 days ago

What is a startup business? Let me know what you think 🐢

How to define a Startup?

When a turtle egg hatches, the turtle is under tremendous pressure from the get-go. Why? The newborn creature has to reach the oceanside in a very limited timeframe and escape the sandy-wasteland to where it was conceived. In just a matter of hours after conception, the number of living turtles will shrink substantially, and the beach-bed will slowly take form as a Turtle-Normandie. Only the lucky few will reach the waters, experience the vast oceans, and win the gift of life. The rest, tragically, end up as seagull dinner.

And why is this relevant, you... (More)