If you have an exam on the horizon, our tips and advice on how to write an English essay will come in handy.


Sketch a rough draft

If you have a limited amount of time to write, use a rough draft. Sketch out an outline and write down your main thoughts on it. This will help you write the essay faster and not make mistakes in the final version.

Stick to the structure

Follow the general structure guidelines and do not exceed the length of each section of master papers review.

Be concise

Express your thoughts briefly, without going too deep into reasoning.

Use clear evidence to support your points.

Give clear evidence for what you or others are saying when expressing their point of view on a topic. Base your conclusion and conclusion on these arguments.

Adhere to a formal style

The formal style of exposition is the best option for the essay, unless otherwise specified. You should not use abbreviations, slang and colloquial expressions.

Use linking words

Special words will help you express your thoughts consistently, lead the reader to a conclusion and build the right structure in the text.

Diversify your vocabulary and grammar

Even though the essay is written in a formal style, it doesn't hurt to add some brightness to it to give the text personality. If appropriate, use synonyms and pretty words . As for grammar and compound sentences - use them only if you are confident in your knowledge. Otherwise, mistakes or incorrect use of time will not play into your hands.

Be correct

Often the topics for essays are acute social issues, the opinion on which can be sharply polarized. When expressing your thoughts on controversial subjects, you should be as correct as possible and not forget about elementary sensitivity, tolerance, and politeness.

Check for errors

Obvious, but extremely important advice. Run a glance over your finished essay to check it for all kinds of mistakes and typos.

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