Hey Cuttlers.

Welcome to our new Cuttles Startup Community. We have created a space where people in love with entrepreneurship can meet like-minded people, learn, get inspired – and discuss the stuff that matters. We hope you will feel the love and comradery and contribute to developing a fantastic community.

Discover and join the different communities that you find interesting. Below you'll find our popular groups, but feel free to click "Groups" on the left menu and explore other groups for yourself ✌️

🚀 Startup 101: Rule #1: Dumb questions do not exist in Startup 101. This group is for sharing knowledge, asking silly questions, and learning how to be a world-class entrepreneur by supporting each other. 

🎷 Entrepreneur Lounge: Networking is key! The ecosystem of entrepreneurship is a small world. Introduce yourself, create valuable partnerships, and meet the right people to take you and your startup further. 

🧰 Founder's Toolbox: Get your inspiration on and dive into discussions of intriguing tools & resources for entrepreneurs.

🐙 Cuttles: For all Cuttles users - and friends -, we welcome you here. Stay in touch with Cuttles updates, ask questions, provide feedback, and report bugs on the Startup Builder. 

🎤 Pitch Arena: Everything starts with an idea! Pitch your fantastic startup idea and see if you can get the community on board. Get some instant feedback and test if the crowd thinks it's hot or not.

📝 Biz Planners: Business planners, assemble! This group is for you. Ask questions, receive feedback, and get inspiration to create impactful business plans that will knock your investor's socks of

💡 Startup Ideas: Do you have one business idea too many? Let's share and discuss business ideas.

🙈Founders Anonymous: A space for founders to share stories about their everyday anxieties, frustrations, and problems and together support and try and come up with great solutions or habits to lead a more balanced and mentally healthy lifestyle as entrepreneurs.