How to define a Startup?

When a turtle egg hatches, the turtle is under tremendous pressure from the get-go. Why? The newborn creature has to reach the oceanside in a very limited timeframe and escape the sandy-wasteland to where it was conceived. In just a matter of hours after conception, the number of living turtles will shrink substantially, and the beach-bed will slowly take form as a Turtle-Normandie. Only the lucky few will reach the waters, experience the vast oceans, and win the gift of life. The rest, tragically, end up as seagull dinner.

And why is this relevant, you might ask?

This phenomenon is not only seen in the animal kingdom; it also presents itself in the world of business. In the early stage of a company, you are voluntarily taking part in a turtle race. Equally vicious – equally violent. The odds are stacked against you from the get-go, and only a lucky few will survive. In fact, 90% of all startups will turn the key before the magical three-years-of-operation mark. They don’t end up as seagull dinner but swallowed up, nonetheless. You’ll have to be one tough turtle to make it!