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Asked a question 3 months ago

What's the difference between solution and uvp? I don't reaally get it.

Where am I?

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Good question! I'll try to explain 😊

Your solution is the solution to the problem. However, a solution can come in many forms, so the solution needs to be a general one. Many businesses will be able to make a solution. The Unique Value Proposition is a statement presenting YOUR solution, and why it's unique. 
Let me give you a simple example: 

Problem: People are too busy to sit down for their morning coffee, but when bringing coffee cups on the go, they often spill and burn themselves.  
Solution: A cup that allows people to bring their coffee out with them while keeping it warm. 

Unique Value Proposition 1: Beautifully designed to-go cup with a vacuum lid allowing you to take a sip and put it in your bag without spilling. The environmentally responsible eco-plastic will keep your coffee warm for hours, and our many colors make it easy to find a cup for your style. 

Unique Value Proposition 2: Never leave your favorite cup with our rubber lid. It's easily attached to your cup of coffee, allowing you to bring your coffee anywhere and drink it without spilling it. 

As you see it's two different UVP's to the general solution. So when it comes to your business plan: Keep your product out of the solution, but give it a go in your Unique Value Proposition. 

Good luck with it 🙌


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