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Hey! We are about to begin an outreach campaign to potential partners. What is the best way to reach out to people for partnerships (e-mail, LinkedIn or phone) and how long should the average message be? We are thinking of finding the relevant people on LinkedIn and then writing them a max. 500 character e-mail. What do you think?
Hi everyone! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need advice on the app idea I've been working on. I was laid off from work due to the pandemic and I took it as a sign to work on my app, which I have been delaying because of my day job. However, I've no slightest idea how to code. I've talked to a lot of mobile app developers, but I currently can't afford them. My questions are: Is it possible/recommended to learn how to code me to at least build an MVP? I am... (More)